William Laity Morris my GGG Grandfather

Honor Lawrey and Martha Morris 231262325William Laity Morris

William Laity MORRIS was born on 1807, in Gulval, Cornwall, England and was baptised on Sunday, 6 December 1807, in Penzance, Cornwall, England. William was a wheelwright, blacksmith & coachbuilder and owned his own business, MORRIS W.L. Coachbuilders, Wheelwrights, & Co on King William Street South, Adelaide. He died on Wednesday, 10 February 1897, aged 89, in Edwardstown, Adelaide, South Australia.
He married, aged 20, Honor LAWREY, aged 19, on Saturday, May 24 1828 in Gulval, Cornwall, England. The witnesses named at their wedding were William White and Elizabeth Hosking. They had eleven children. Honor was born in 1808 and was baptised on Sunday, 19 June 1808. Honour/Honora died on Wednesday, 4 April 1888, aged 79, in Edwardstown, Adelaide, South Australia . William and Honour are buried together in West Terrace Cemetery (R2, 15, W, 1) along with their daughter, Honor Lawrey Williams.


2 thoughts on “William Laity Morris my GGG Grandfather

  1. Thanks, I’ve been putting together the family history for a few years now and have been very lucky in finding other distant family members who are willing to share info and these fantastic photo’s!

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