My Great Aunt, Lily Morris

Lily Morris, my Great Aunt, was born on Wednesday, 1 November 1876, in Adelaide, South Australia, to Thomas Morris and Louisa Ward Nicholls. She died on Tuesday, 19 March 1935, aged 58, in North Adelaide, South Australia.

Lily Morris


Lily, aged 21, married Ernest Henry Durrant, aged 21, on Saturday, 4 June 1898, in Wesleyan Chapel, Adelaide, South Australia and they had five children.

Lily Morris 2

On the Promenade (4)

Ernest was born on Tuesday, 19 December 1876, in Clare, South Australia and died on Thursday, 22 October 1931, aged 54, in North Adelaide, South Australia. They were buried in West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide, South Australia. (EYR, 17, W, 46 & 47)


4 thoughts on “My Great Aunt, Lily Morris

  1. HI My am related to you my great grandmother is Harriet Ann Morris would be kean to learn more of the family tree. Harriet was my fathers grandmother. They lived in warrnambool. I am trying to find out more about the family tree.Harriet lived at waikato. warrnambool.

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