Scrapbook Papers for Sale

These are digital pages/papers not hard copies, they can be printed up in 12×12 papers at office supply stores that provide a printing service. Or, they can simply be used for digital scrapbooking backgrounds, even cardmaking, decoupage, whatever takes your crafty fancy!

They can be ordered at

Prices are $1.00 AUD per page.

Prices for my digital designs start at $5.00 depending on the complexity. Message me with the photo you wish to have scrapbooked and we can start a dialogue of how it can look.

Payment by Direct Deposit or I can email you a Paypal Invoice (PayPal only, No Credit Cards Please). Please send message with details of what you want to order, your email address and preferred payment type. I will send you an invoice with payment details and I will email the pages to you once payment has been received.

All papers can be viewed by looking in the Photos file and then clicking on Albums. Each picture has a name in the description, please use this name when ordering to save confusion.

Here’s an example…

May I please order the following pages:
great war (16)
Romance (3)
Here Comes the Bride (3)
Occupations & Trades (16)
Occupations & Trades (18)
Occupations & Trades (21)
BrandenburgPrussia (5)
Prussia (1)

My email is…. and I would like to send a Direct Deposit. Can I please have the bank details?



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